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If there is lightening in the area stop the game immediately, speak to the coaches. Decide if you are going to temporarily suspend the game and see if it blows over or abandon the match. The final decision is yours but do not play as long as lightening is visible no matter how far away your think it is. Whenever a game is abandoned let the coaches know how much time was remaining and note it on the game sheet.


The referee decides if the ball is suitable. If when given a ball it is unacceptable give it back and ask for another one or for it to be pumped up properly. Many games are played without a suitable ball. A practice ball is acceptable.


Your whistle is to be heard, to either stop the play for an infraction or to get everyone's attention. Make sure it is loud and long enough for each situation. If play continues blow it again louder and longer.

Don't overuse it either; if the ball is obviously out of play simply signal the correct restart there is no need to whistle when everyone has stopped playing for the ball going out of play.

Remember if you whistle by accident when the ball was in play, the ball is now out of play and you should therefore restart with a drop ball where the ball was when you stopped play unless of course a player committed an infraction and you would restart with a free kick, but what kind of free kick?


When the referee stops the play (the ball did not go out of bounds) you have 4 choices of restarting the game. 1. Direct Free Kick, 2. Penalty Shot, 3. Indirect Free Kick, 4. Drop Ball

The reason you stopped the play will tell you. Law 12 needs to be studied over and over.

Direct Free Kicks and Penalty Shots are awarded for the 10 major fouls only. With the exception of the deliberate hand ball the foul will likely involve physical contact. For a DFK or Penalty to be awarded the ball must have been in play and the offence be committed by a player against an opponent.

Technical infractions will result in an Indirect Free Kick. These infractions include deliberately kicking the ball by a teammate to his goalie and the goalie handles it. A throw in by a teammate to his own goalie who handles it. The goalie would have to be in his own penalty area.

Please become an expert on knowing the difference; I have already seen penalty shots being awarded for technical infractions. Remember a major foul committed outside the penalty area will result in a direct free kick and cannot be a penalty kick.


These have become a problem. When meeting the coaches long before kick off ask that the completed sheets be given to you before the game, not at half time. Please ensure that it is filled out correctly, with date, teams, shirt numbers beside the appropriate name, coaches name and signature. Circle the team name on their sheet so that you know which team is which when looking at the two sheets later.

The game sheets are due at the clubhouse within a week. It is your duty to complete the sheet with your report and get it in to the club. If you have not done this you will notice a disruption in your pay. You will not be paid for games you were simply scheduled to do. The sheets are the verification of who did the game and that referee gets paid.


These are a mess at many games. Many times referees are allowing it on corner kicks, free kicks and so on. Substitutions are allowed on throw-ins, goal kicks and after a goal and for an injured player. Ensure that the players leave the field before the substitutes enter the field, discuss this with the coach before the game. Supervise the substitutions so that these rules are followed.


Where should players be on a goal kick? The team taking the kick can have as many players as they like in the penalty area. The opposing team players must be outside the penalty area until the ball is in play. The ball is in play when it has left the penalty area. If the ball does not go into play it is retaken.


Your duty (law 5) is to allow for time lost during each half. Many substitutions will waste time, a lost ball, injuries, time wasting by winning team etc. Do not stop the half exactly when time is up, please allow for any time lost. Usually 2 to 3 minutes on average. This would not be necessary if a team is getting well beaten of course.


Do not accept games where brothers, sisters or immediate family are involved.


Summer rules allow a team that has less than 11 players to have their opponents to even it up. At the beginning of the game the team with more players will not field more players than the team that is short has. If the short handed team loses a player due to injury or sending off or other cause their opponents are not required to have a player leave. They will now enjoy the advantage. These rules also apply in the ladies and men's league. These rules apply during the months of July & August.


If you do not show up to your assignment it causes a disruption to many people who are waiting for the referee to arrive. This is also an embarrassment to the Schedulers and Head Referee. Those who call in 90 minutes or less before a game should understand the game will probably not get covered also. Repeat offenders in both of the above will suffer the consequences, including a deduction from your pay.


During the summer we will need referees to let us the Schedulers know that you are free on a given night to do games should we need you for cancellations are inadequate number of available referees. Please help us out.

REFEREES please don't forget to count the players before each half. Eleven a side is maximum (including the goalkeeper). Substitutions are very disorganized and as a result the game is being played sometimes with too many players on the field.

Before the game ask the coach to notify you that they would like to make a substitution.
Then when you have given permission they should remove players from the field first then allow the substitutes on. As the referee you should supervise this, when there are official referees as assistants they can supervise.

When in doubt quickly count the players on the field. We should all be consistent and follow the proper procedure.

Some coaches are making substitutions without permission.

Coaches are also entering the field without permission sometimes for "time-outs". There are no time-outs in soccer and coaches can enter the field only with the referees permission for an injured player.


Make sure you know the difference between the major fouls (10) which result in direct free kicks and penalty shots and the minor fouls, those which result in an indirect free kick. Study Law 12, you are paid to know the difference when making decisions. Please remember that handball must be deliberate, if not or if you're not sure let play continue.


When you accept a game, it is yours. You must show up in plenty of time for your pre-game duties. If something comes up that creates a conflict let your scheduler know right away. You should show up in full uniform with a whistle and a working stopwatch your socks pulled up and no hats. You will earn respect if you look neat and properly dressed.


These are probably the only league rules that concern you other than the length of the games. Substitutions can be made only with your permission. If a team wants to quickly take a throw in, let them, especially if there is an attacking play. If a team makes substitutions without permission, politely ask to be informed next time and the coach should ask permission.

Substitutions can be made with the referee's permission:

· A throw in for either team
· Goal kick 
· After a goal 
· For an injured player
· At the end of a half or before overtime


If a game does not start or if it is abandoned please make sure you send a report in with the game sheets. If the game is abandoned due to lightening or outside interference or other cause this information must be provided as well as the score at the time and how much time was left in the game. The league will decide what happens to the game not the referee.


These 3 forms must be filled out and are available at the clubhouse or from your Head Referee. All cards shown to players or substitutes must be reported. Team officials must be reported if they are expelled or if their conduct was not responsible before, during or after the game. Players spitting in their hands before shaking hands with opponents should also be reported. The Head Referee can help you when filling these forms. Remember that all yellow or red cards must be reported. So must all other incidents.


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