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  Tuesday, December 1, 2020  
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•  equipment turned over to you is the property of Sudburnia Soccer Club . Please look after it and turn it in at the end of the season.

•  have a meeting with your team and their parents as soon as possible, lay down your ground rules

•  have a parent be your manager; you coach and your manager will do the leg work

•  avoid over playing talented players. All players deserve equal time and Coaches shall undertake to field every player attending a game for at least half of the duration of the game. Exceptions will be permitted only where the safety and health of a player is at risk, or where the player has missed four (4) consecutive games or practices without good cause. Vacations and family functions are good cause.

•  if a Coach decides to exercise this exception he/she must explain to the player, without delay the reasons for doing so. He/she must also be prepared to justify such an action to Parents and/or Convenor.

•  follow a physician's advice to decide when injured players are ready to play again

•  never ridicule or yell at players for making mistakes or for losing. Remember that children play for fun and satisfaction.

•  Coaches shall conduct scheduled practices as assigned.

•  Coaches shall ensure that an adequate First Aid Kit (provided by the club) and adequate drinking water are brought to each game and practice.

•  Coaches shall exercise a general care, supervision, and direction over the players and all others associated with his/her team (parent spectators, relative spectators, acquaintance spectators, or team supporters)

•  On instructions from the referee, Coaches shall caution parents and their supporters to stop interfering in the game by questioning the referee's calls or using foul or abusive language. Should the Coach be unable to STOP such activity, the Referee shall stop the game and write a report on the matter. The Discipline Committee SHALL FORFEIT the game to the opposing team REGARDLESS of the game score or time remaining.

•  Coaches shall be required to act always in accordance with the policies of the Club, and a person shall hold the position of Coach at the pleasure of the Executive of Sudburnia Soccer Club .

•  No Coach shall play any player without the prior consent of the Convenor. Games in which such players participate shall be forfeited by the offending team

•  All call-ups must be approved by the Convenors of both divisions involved before players are used. All call up player names will be shown on the game sheet. A player is allowed to be called up three (3) times only during the season. There are no call-ups allowed during playoffs or Finals Day.



•  Equipment turned over to you is the property of the Sudburnia Soccer Club. We issue first aid kits to all coaches. It is your responsibility to carry it with you to all practices and games. If you need to refill the kit, just bring it back to the field house and we will restock it. Please look after it and turn it in end of season.

•  Included in your Coaches package received at the beginning of the season is a players rating form. This form is to be completed and submitted at the Coaches meeting concerning playoffs.

•  When you have turned in all of your equipment and your players rating form, Sudburnia will issue a team party voucher. The voucher has NO CASH VALUE. The vouchers can only be redeemed at a business that sponsors a team this season in Sudburnia. The vouchers are normally $125.00 (this amount can be changed without notification by the Executive). The club will issue one (1) voucher for $125.00 or more than one (1) totally $125.00. For example you could go to a pizza restaurant and redeem a $65.00 voucher and then go to a trophy shop and redeem the remaining $60.00. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the field house.

•  Have a meeting with your team and parents as soon as possible to lay down your ground rules.

•  Have a parent be your manager. Then you can coach and the manager will do the legwork.

•  Attempt to get as many parents involved with your team as is possible.

•  Send the results to the clubhouse within 48 hours of the game so the results can appear in the paper. The sponsors would appreciate hearing their names mentioned on the air.

•  Issue each player a list with the addresses and phone numbers of all of the players on the team.

•  Be the mediator of, be in control of, your parents, your spectators, your team fans, and team supporters.

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