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  Tuesday, December 1, 2020  
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Starting in 2004 two bursaries to be known as the Tammie Thibault Volunteer
Bursary and the Gail Arbic Volunteer Bursary will be awarded at the
discretion of the Bursary Committee to two full-time post secondary
students. The bursaries will have a value of $500.00 each.

Applicants will have to meet the following criteria:

· Show proof of paid registration to a post-secondary institution.
· Involved with Sudburnia Soccer for a minimum of 8 years as a player and
or official, convenor, coach, has helped at registration, playoffs,
clinics, etc.
· Has represented Sudburnia Soccer in a positive manner while playing,
coaching, etc.
· Provide details of time with Sudburnia Soccer.

The bursaries will be awarded based on time spent with Sudburnia Soccer and
not on marks or volunteer time with other organizations.

Although individuals may apply as often as they wish they will only be
awarded the bursary once.

Applications will be accepted until September 30th of each year and
bursaries will be awarded at the Annual General Meeting in November.

Applications can be forwarded to:

Sudburnia Soccer Club
P.O. Box 2723, Stn 'A'
Sudbury, On. P3A 5J2
Attention Bursary Committee

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