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  Thursday, May 23, 2019  
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Mini Fields

Adamsdale Park 1 & Park 2: located in the North End off of Second ave. across from the old Heritage High School

Sacre-Coeur Mini 1 & 2: located in the middle of the South and North end off of Notre-Dame across Food Basic

Sacre-Coeur Kathleen: located between the high school and Kathleen street (formerly a big size field but turned into two minis for the season)

Delki Dozzi Mini: located in the South end, turn at 907 Lorne (Scotiabank)

Ernie Checkeris: located in the North end, 1570 Agincourt

Jean-Ethier-Blais: located in the North end, 2190 Lasalle Boulv. parking lot is accessible by Sylvio street.

Laurentian Bleechers: located in the South end, at the Laurentian University 400m track between the bleechers and the fence - across the swimming pool

Queen Elizabeth: located in the North end, 32 Dell street - turn at Silver Bullet chip stand on Notre-Dame

R.L. Beattie: located in the South end, 102 Loach's Road, by Pizza Hut

Robinson Park 1 (Upper) & 2 (Lower): located in the South end, off of Cranbrook

Twin Forks: located in the North end, off of Gary street, accessible by Madison or Lasalle

Puis XII: located in the North end, 44 Third ave.

Westmount: located in the North end, 511 Westmount Ave

Rotary Club Fields:located at the old Barrydown Arena off of Beatrice Crest (between 824 & 836 Beatrices Crest)


Youth Fields

Heritage: across Adamsdale park on Second ave. old Heritage High School

Lasalle: 1545 Kennedy street, back parking lot of Lasalle High School - where we are located

Lockerby: Lockerby Composite High School located at 1391 Ramsey View

Sacre-Coeur: High School located on Notre-Dame across Food Basic

St-Charles: St-Charles College at 1940 Hawthorne drive (accessible by Falconbridge as well)

St-Benedict: 2993 Algonquin road in the south end

James Jerome: Formely known as Lily Creek - located across the new hospital

Macdonald-Cartier: 37 Lasalle Blvd - parking is the main parking lot or behind the school, then walk up the hill to the field



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