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  Wednesday, May 23, 2018  
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Sudburnia Soccer


2017 Referee Pay Schedule

Cheques will always be issued on Fridays 

Pick up cheques at the Sudburnia Club House office hours are:
Mon-Thur 2pm-9pm 

*office hours vary, please call to confirm


2017 Referee Pay Schedule


Pay Day (Fridays)

Pay Period

June 30th

June 5th to June 15th

July 14th

June 19th to June 29th

July 28th

July 3rd to July 13th

August 11th

July 17th to July 27th

August 24th

July 31st to August 10th

August 13th

*Aug 11th to Aug 13th*



August 20th

*Aug 18th to Aug 20th*


*Year End Tournaments*

**You must turn in your yellow copy of the game sheet to get paid.**

Created by: Sudburnia Soccer Club -- Last updated:May 16, 2017

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