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Rules of Play


Sudburnia Soccer Club Year End Tournament Rules –

August, 2019


The object of the tournament is to promote the game of soccer through sportsmanship, fair play and to celebrate 30 years of providing recreational soccer to the children in Sudbury. These rules are intended to support that objective, however all rules have their limitations, and every participant, whether player or official, is expected to act in an appropriate manner.


Note:  No glass containers are allowed in the vicinity of any soccer field.


1. Laws of the Game

All games shall be played in accordance with the laws of the game observed by the Ontario Soccer Association and the Canadian Soccer Association.


2. Age Divisions

Mixed & Female - U14, U18.


3. Call Up Players

A maximum of three (3) calls up players shall be permitted with a maximum roster of 14.  Call up players must be proper age.  Call ups must be done through the Clubhouse, call Bryce to arrange.


4. Substitution

There is no limit to the substitutions made during a game.  Substitutions may be made at kickoffs, goal kicks, your own throw-ins, injury and only with the permission of the referee.  No substitutions shall be allowed for a player ejected from the game by the referee for misconduct.


5. Game Sheets

Game sheets must be completed by a team official and presented to a Sudburnia executive member no later than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.


6. Discipline

Any player ejected from the field of play by the referee for misconduct shall receive an automatic one (1) game suspension and shall sit out his/her team's next scheduled game.  In cases of violent conduct, or misconduct against a game official, the offending player shall be eliminated from the tournament.  Any player receiving three (3) yellow cards in the season (yellow cards carry over from the regular season as tournament is part of their season schedule) shall receive a one (1) game suspension and must sit out his/her team's next scheduled game immediately following his/her third caution.  Any coach, assistant coach or team representative who is ejected from a game must appear before the Sudburnia Tournament appointed Discipline Committee prior to their team’s next scheduled game to answer to the contents of the Special Incident Report.  Anyone disputing his/her ejection from a game may request a hearing, such request, must be accompanied by a $75.00 cash hearing fee.  The party must notify the convenor of their age division of their intention to request a hearing within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the game.


7. Protests

Protests must be made in writing by the team coach or manager and must be accompanied by a fee of $75.00 cash.  Protests must be delivered to Sudburnia Tournament Headquarters within one (1) hour of the conclusion of the game being protested.  In the event that a protest is upheld, the fee shall be returned. No one may protest a game in which his or her team has not participated.  The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play are final and cannot be protested. (FIFA Law 5)


8. Extraordinary Weather

In the event of severe weather conditions (e.g. continuous heavy rain, lightening, excessive heat) or poor field condition, the Sudburnia Tournament Committee has the authority to change the duration of the games or any other function of the tournament, including the following:

a)     Relocate and/or reschedule any game.

b)    Reduce the schedule duration by up to 50 per cent.

c)     Cancel any game in the preliminary round, which has no bearing in deciding group winners or wild cards.

d)    To consider a game complete 55% of the game must have been played.


9. Scheduling

Scheduling and referee appointments are the responsibility of the Sudburnia Tournament Committee.  All teams will be guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games.


10. Determination of Group Winners

Each team shall be awarded three (3) points for a win, two (2) points for a tie and one (1) point for a loss and zero (0) for a default.  At the end of the preliminary round, the group winner shall be the team with the most points.  If teams are tied on points, the following criteria shall be used to determine the winner:

a)     Most wins.

b)    The winner of the game between the two teams (applies to a two-way tie only).

c)     Best goal spread (goals for minus goals against).

d)    Most goals for.

e)     FIFA penalty kicks from the penalty spot. (Time/location to be determined by the Tournament Committee.)


11.  Length of Games

     Games for U14, U18 shall consist of 2 – 25 minute periods for all round robin games ties    

     are allowed.  Quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals shall consist of 2 – 30 minute periods no ties.


12. Extra Time Rules

In the event that a game is tied (Finals only) the following procedure shall be used to determine the winner:

a)     Two (2) 10 minute extra time periods.

b)    If still tied, each team shall take five (5) penalty kicks from the penalty spot.

c)     If still tied, alternate penalty kicks by the balance of the players on each team until a winner is determined. Each player on the field must take a penalty kick before any player takes a second penalty kick.


13. Failure to Show

Teams shall be allowed a 15 minute grace period after the scheduled kick-off time before they are considered as having failed to show.  A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team and a game will be started if a team has at least that number of players.  The grace period may only be allowed if a team has less than seven (7) players.  In the event of a failure to show, the offending team shall forfeit the game. 


14. Forfeited Games

At the discretion of the Sudburnia Tournament Committee, teams that fail to show or otherwise forfeit a game may be subject to dismissal.  The opponents of a team that has forfeited a game shall be awarded a win and three (3) points in the preliminary standings.


15. Abandoned Games

The Sudburnia Tournament Committee shall review the circumstances of any game abandoned by the referee prior to its conclusion.  The findings and decisions of the committee shall be final with no appeal.


16. Arrival Time for Tournament Final

Teams qualifying for the finals of a division shall present themselves to the field convenor 15 minutes prior to the scheduled kick-off time.


17. Player Uniforms and Equipment

All players must wear the uniform provided by the club which consists of sweater with a number on the back of their sleeved jerseys, black shorts and socks.  If a player has lost or ripped their socks they can wear any black or white socks. Each player shall have a different number that must coincide with the player's name and number on the game sheet.  If the team colours clash, the home team shall wear pennies, the home team being the first team listed in the schedule.  At the discretion of the Sudburnia Tournament Committee, a team that does not observe the wearing of pennies requirement of this rule, may forfeit the game.  The wearing of shin guards is mandatory.


18.  Fair Play Rule

        Fair play rule will be enforced.  If the opposing team only has 9 players and you have 11

         you MUST play only 9 players to match the opposing team.



Footnote: The Sudburnia Soccer Tournament is bound to observe and enforce certain rules as laid down by FIFA. FIFA has circulated instructions to referees concerning proper dress for players (i.e. proper shorts, wearing of shin guards, sleeved jerseys etc.) The referees will enforce these rules.






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